Balenciaga BLCG Heavy Washed Silver Powder Lock Short-Sleeved T-Shirt


Gender: Unisex

It took three months of painstaking effort to purchase the level. The color of this can be said to be unique, washed and old, black and gray. Wearing on the body is white and gives people a cool feeling. The Oersize version is really super thin. Men and women. Light luxury commuting. Must.

Use 280 grams of refined sulfur cotton semi-bleached fabric to directly make non-layered woolen process and then make the finalized fabric. It does not contain any fuel adjuvants. On this basis, it is made into finished cloth, which is washed in horses and then made into garments with PP threads of the same color. Make a piece of burning clothes, do the dyeing, do the dyeing, and then do the frying snowflake process to make the old one. This piece of clothing seems to be a basic item, but the whole process is very time-consuming and laborious. The bad clothes are directly scrapped and countless whole pieces of clothing have a sanding effect. That is, the washed art printing corresponds to the original flashing silver platen ready-to-wear printing process. The shoulder collar is laminating. The back collar adopts double chain stitching. The sewing machine is firm and tight. The shoulder double-layer lotus leaf crimping is time-consuming and labor-intensive. This is what a big brand should have. Rigorous process details determine the quality of the original washing tag packaging brand Logo oil wax moisture-proof paper is full.

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