Balenciaga BLCG × NASA Joint Space Badge Limited Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Gender: Unisex

The exclusive shipping counters are simultaneously selling OS loose, simple and versatile. The minimalist design style is very in line with the aesthetics of today’s young people. No matter what season, the casual bottoming and single wear can make you fashionable. The upper body effect is very good. Couples are better for men and women. A must-have style for commuting.

Fixed weaving and fixed dyeing 32 counts of fine cotton double yarn, single side weight up to 260g, same cylinder fixed dyeing, special thick 32 counts, double strands, 1×1 rib, absolutely no color difference, ingenuity, fabric cutting, high temperature pre-shrinking, the original OS version The size can be worn up to 200 kg. Each small badge series has a great restoration effect. Each has a unique feature and detailed design. It has only taken a few days to make the most restoration effect on the embroidery pattern. It is well known that the smaller the smaller Embroidery has higher requirements for machinery and equipment. This model adopts the Japanese imported TAJIMA Tajima embroidery machine. The finished embroidery effect is easy to roll. Other market products feel the same as manual embroidery. The classic letter printing on the back panel is environmentally friendly. Screen glue printing, precise alignment, shoulder collar, beading, back collar, double-chain stitching, sewing, firm and tight shoulder, double-layer ruffles, crimping, time-consuming and labor-intensive, original master mark, washing label, tag, packaging, brand, wax, moisture-proof paper .

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Colour black white


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Weight 0.5 kg







L, M, S, XS


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